Yoga Philosophy: An Introduction
  • Author : Srisa Chandra Vasu (translator)
  • Publisher : Dev Publishers & Distributors
  • Edition: Revised Edition
  • Year: 2013
  • 20 x 13 cm, 104 pages, 230 gm
  • ISBN : 9789381406212
  • Binding : Softcover
  • Territory : World
  • INR 149
  • About the Book

    This definitive guide explores the scientific rationale to the philosophy of yoga.  Written by Rai Bahadur Srisa Chandra Vasu, Yoga Philosophy: An Introduction,  is a must read for a complete understanding of the principles of yoga and how it affects our lives. With yoga becoming a rage in the West, various forms of new age yoga have become a rage, making it a fashion statement of keeping fit in retro style. This often leaves out any understanding of the very rational base of this spiritual philosophy. The book explores the fact that if Yoga is an ancient Indian art pre-dating the Aryans, it has greater relevance for today’s lifestyle. Apart from a holistic exercise for toned body muscle which also relieves physical pain, Yoga means to bind, reducing mental stress, centring mind and body and raising the kundalini or life force at the base of the spine.  Explaining these tenets, this is a complete book dealing with the principles of mental training and the practical aspects of the various asanas.

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