Tazkira-e-Ilahi: Mir Imaduddin Ilahi Hamadani (Volume 1), in 2 parts (Prakashika 6)
  • Author : Abdul Haq
  • Publisher : Dev Publishers & Distributors
  • Edition: First
  • Year: 2013
  • 25 x 16 cm, 2300 gm
  • ISBN : 9789380829166
  • Binding : Hardcover
  • Territory : World
  • INR 2000
  • About the Book

    Tazkira-e-Ilahi, written by Imaduddin Al Husaini poetically called Ilahi, is a unique Persian work of 17th century AD. The work contains information of multitude of writers comprising poets, mystic Sufis, learned Divines, politicians and reputed calligraphers. This valuable and voluminous Tazkirah covers historiography mostly of Persian writers besides some of Indian poets.

    Tazkira-e-ilahi was also known as Khazina-e-Ganj-e-Ilahi or Ilahi’s Treasury.


    About the Author

    Professor Abdul Haq, Emritus Professor of Urdu, University of Delhi.

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